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Being able to offer innovative treatment options and thus improve the health and lives of our patients is the engine that drives us. For this reason, research and development (R&D) is not only important to Chiesi as a company with a technological focus but it is also essential to us as a manufacturer of pharmaceuticals. The path from an idea to a custom treatment with an innovative medication is very long and often bumpy. The processes used to identify suitable candidates for active substances and to develop market-ready pharmaceuticals are exceptionally complex. This is why our R&D team has an interdisciplinary structure and forms a key part of our company.


The researchers and developers at our various sites around the world are confronted on a daily basis with the challenges inherent in identifying new active substance candidates and developing modern medications. Our research and development strategy concentrates in part on preclinical and clinical research, quality assurance, and the development of technologies and pharmaceutical forms that enable better use of medications or allow their use to be easily monitored. The work of our physicians, pharmacologists, chemists, health economists, and technical staff ranges from developing a new medication to market maturity and launch to continuous quality inspections and adjustment beyond this.


The research and development team has its headquarters in the Research Center in Parma (Italy), and integrates with six other major research centers in Paris (France), Chippenham (UK), Cary (USA), Lidingo (Sweden), Shanghai (China), and Toronto (Canada). The goals of this experienced, cross-functional team are all focused on pipeline development globally and increased productivity to support business growth goals.


Chiesi invests 15–20% of the total turnover of the Chiesi Group every year into research and development. This pays off: 75% of our turnover is generated by our own products.


Along with our core business in the therapeutic areas respiratory and neonatology, Chiesi also focuses on rare diseasestransplantation, gene therapy, and biotechnology