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Our focus is on researching innovative pharmaceuticals. By providing top quality pharmaceuticals, we can improve the quality of life for many people affected by disease. The successful collaboration between our employees is the foundation for our high expectations. The core values of our work are commitment, integrity and getting results. We aim for the highest standard of environmental friendliness in our production methods.



Chiesi embraces a shared set of corporate values that shape our day-to-day business practices and cooperation with our employees and partners.



Chiesi encourages transparent ethical conduct at every level – with partners in the healthcare sector, customers and suppliers. We understand the obligations we hold as a company and are mindful of these every day.


Focus on people

The well-being of our patients is our main focus. We want to help them by offering them the care they need for their condition so that they are free to pursue their lives. We do this by providing first-rate products, supportive services and a great deal of passion for our work.

In terms of innovation and service provision, our employees are our greatest resource, which is why we offer all of them support that is tailored to their specific needs and requirements. We make sure that the work environment at Chiesi conforms to up-to-date working conditions and that it contributes to the overall well-being of all staff members.


Cross-generational values

We help people, and we want to continue to do so in the future. This requires innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit. Being an entrepreneur means having the requisite ability to take on responsibility and calculate risks, as well as the intuition to seek opportunities that promote cutting-edge research. Being innovative means to keep up with the constant changes in the industry and to apply a consistent process for driving forward new developments that support patients.

We embrace both of these values by listening to the ideas of the specialists who work with us.


Team spirit

Chiesi employees are never alone. Our success lies in our ability to work as a team. Every single colleague is an integral element of our company. We work together to shape the future, practice our values and represent Chiesi to our healthcare partners, customers, suppliers and to the public.

Our motto: “Every single one of us is Chiesi!”