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Chiesi Group is a B Corp certified pharmaceutical company. The certification honors the highest social and ecological standards of for-profit companies. Therefore, our commitment to sustainability covers all delivery and sales processes.


That's why we developed the Code of Interdependencies ("Code of Conduct for Chiesi Suppliers"). It includes numerous values, goals and instruments that we have developed together with our suppliers, which represent an essential part of the development path towards comprehensive sustainability. The Code shows how necessary and urgent it is to act with the awareness that each of us is indispensable and that we are all responsible for future generations.


Compatible Sustainable Development Goals (Sustainable Development Goals; SDGs of the United Nations) Document shows what measures we and our suppliers can take for a more sustainable supply chain, how they can be implemented and tested.


The Code is intended to be a practical aid for ourselves and all our relevant actors to become a more sustainable and inclusive company for the pharmaceutical industry and a better world.