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As Chiesi İlaç Tic. A.Ş., we carry out the responsibility of our licensed medical products for human use in accordance with the applicable legal regulations through the pharmacovigilance system, through which we can take appropriate measures to contribute to the protection of patient and public health.


What is pharmacovigilance?

Pharmacovigilance is the practice and scientific studies carried out to detect, evaluate, understand, and prevent adverse reactions and other drug-related problems.


In accordance with this definition, the main objectives on which pharmacovigilance activities should be based, according to the relevant regulations are:

  1. Prevention of the harm of adverse reactions arising from the use of licensed drugs within or outside the license conditions or due to occupational exposure.
  2. Promote the safe and effective use of medicines, in particular by providing timely information about the safety of medicines to patients, healthcare professionals and the public about the safety of medicines.Therefore, pharmacovigilance is an activity that contributes to the protection of patients and public health.Benefit-risk ratio information about all our licensed drugs is constantly evaluated. If any significant safety issue arises, we immediately notify healthcare professionals, patients, and health authorities in accordance with applicable laws.


Reporting of side effects /Adverse events

Immediately report any unexpected event that occurs during your treatment to your doctor or pharmacist. In case you cannot reach your doctor or pharmacist, click on the TÜFAM link below for notification:



All adverse event information you encounter regarding our medicines;

  • By calling +90 216 385 93 33 or,
  • You can fill out the Adverse Effect Notification Form (Adverse Effect Notification Form) and send it to fax numbers 0212 370 91 27 / 0216 385 97 07 or,
  • You can notify the e-mail address info.tr@chiesi.com or chiesi@deltapv.com or,
  • You can fill out the online side effect reporting form below and let us know.


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