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Chiesi Group; Since 1935, has been operating in 70 continents in five continental counties with 26 companies and 4800 employees worldwide, with ethical rule-based commitment, community health consciousness and innovative ideas for health.


Chiesi Group; transfers more than %20 of the total sales to R&D investments for innovative drug development activities for human health and is ranked as the 15th pharmaceutical company in Europe and the 1st in Italy in the area of Research & Development.  Chiesi Group continues its global operations as the fastest growing 26th Pharmaceuticals company with 7% growth rate focused on respiratory, neonatal and rare diseases as well as musculoskeletal system diseases, allergy, cardiology and patient care unmet needs.

Chiesi Group started its global growth power in 2013 with the acquisition of Cornerstone Therapeutics Inc. which operates in the field of hospital products in the U.S. and continued with the acquisition of MedCO known for its cardiovascular products in 2016 and the establishment of  Chiesi Ventures which will be active in the field of replacement treatment. In Europe; Chiesi started its collaborations with the agreement signed in 2013 for the acquisition of Zymenex, a Danish company that conducts Research-Development activities focused on biotechnology products in the treatment or rare and life threatening genetic diseases, the purchasing of UniQure for the co-development of the treatment of gene therapy in Hemophilia B, and strengthened its strategic growth areas by acquiring the Asthma portfolio at its clinical stage of a UK based company Atopix Therapeutics in 2016.


Chiesi Turkey operates in the group of emerging country markets together with China, Russia, Brazil, and Mexico and celebrates its 10th year in Turkey’s pharmaceutical market. We thank to all our valuable employees and stakeholders who were and are with us. We are continuing to grow with our understanding of offering innovative therapies for public health including local production with our local collaborators.

As Chiesi Turkey, when we turned to our 10th year in Turkish pharmaceutical market, we were among the top ten international pharmaceutical companies growing in the Turkish pharmaceutical market with 22.3% growth rate among international companies. Our target is to continue to add value to our stakeholders, our patients and our community health  via Mavi Kalpler by introducing; our innovative products, business development projects, our high values for team development and our common culture programs.


Chiesi Turkey; with its fully owned satellite company Promedica is in collaboration with Eczacıbaşı for Biosfar , in local production; collaborates with MEFAR for Peyona, and with Menarini for the production of  Cycladol Tablets in Turkey.


We gain our strength; from our employees, our innovative products adding qualities to life of patients, local and global collaborations and the values we attach to both human health and environmental awareness.