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As Chiesi Pharma Inc, we undertake the responsibility of our medical human products through the pharmacovigilance system in which we can take appropriate measures to contribute to the protection of patient and public health, in accordance with the legal regulations in force.

The benefit-risk ratio information about all drugs for which we have license is always assessed by us. In case of any significant safety problem, we will promptly notify healthcare staff, patients and health authorities in accordance with the existing laws.


To contact us:

You can call  


0535 972 30 62 & 0216 385 93 33


by filling the following the Adverse Effect Notification Form (Adverse Effect Notification Form) and send to fax number 0212 370 91 27 or  0 216 385 97 07


you can send an e-mail to

e.arikan@chiesi.com and  betul.a@deltapv.com


What is Pharmacovigilance?

Pharmacovigilance is defined as a system of scientific studies and activities based on the collection of data related to the safety of drugs in daily drug use and its applications, the identification of the causes, possible causes, investigations, recording, announcement and necessary measures of possible problems that may be related to drug intake.

In accordance with this general definition, the main objectives of pharmacovigilance in compliance with the existing laws are:

  • To prevent harm caused by adverse reactions in humans with respect to drugs,
  • To promote safe and effective use of medicinal products, in particular by providing timely information to patients, health professionals and the public about the safety of medicinal products.


For further information, please click on the link below:


TÜFAM: http://www.titck.gov.tr/Ilac/Farmakovijilans