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Chiesi's main goal is to contribute to improve the health of our patients and increase their quality of life.


Below you can find the website links of the beneficial association groups that we think can be helpful in Respiratory, Allergic, Cystic Fibrosis, Organ Transplantation and Rare Diseases.


  • Lung Disease Patients Solidarity Association:


  • Pediatric Respiratory Diseases and Cystic Fibrosis Association:


  • Cystic Fibrosis Assistance and Solidarity Association:


  • Turkish Transplant Foundation:


  • Rare Diseases:




Side Effect / Adverse Effect Notifications 

Report any unexpected incidents during your treatment to your physician or the pharmacist immediately.

If you cannot contact your doctor or pharmacist, click on the TÜFAM link below for your notification:



You can report all adverse event information encountered regarding our drugs to the line 0538 776 07 23 or to fax numbers 0212 370 91 27 / 0216 385 97 07 by filling out the Adverse Effect Reporting Form (Adverse Effect Reporting Form)

or to the e-mail addresses h.guler@chiesi.com or betul.a@deltapv.com.


Note: When you click any of the links given above, you confirm that you are quitting your visit to the Chiesi Turkey website. We hereby would like to clearly state that our company has no affiliation with the content and structures in these links. Therefore, the responsibility for the authenticity, accuracy, quality and integrity of the information specified on these websites shall be the responsibility of the relevant website authorities.