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Our main objective in our business partnership is to increase our competitiveness in the market and to continue to grow by acting jointly with the institutions that are compatible with our corporate processes and production values.

To achieve this, our two-pronged growth strategy is to focus on marketing and sales, co-promotion and / or local production cooperation with our strong corporate partners as well as our corporate launches.

Our priorities are; to provide portfolio of products that add value to the patient's quality of life, to present the projects to the community health by implementing the projects for unmet treatment needs.

As Chiesi Turkey we are in partnership with Eczacıbaşı Pharmaceuticals for our subsidiary companyPromedica’s product Biosfar in our co-marketing activities.

Among local production; we are manufacturing Peyona which is used in the neonatal respiratory apnea treatment  at the MEFAR production facility; and in İbrahim Etem-Menarini our anti-inflammatory and analgesic product, Cycladol Tablets.


We manage the sales process of Tiroprest cardiovascular area on behalf of Prestafarma and cooperate with competent organizations in sales and marketing of Cycladol.